Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the carrier to order the shipment:
Under this contract of carriage, the carrier undertakes to transport the delivered consignment from the shipper under the terms and conditions set out in this contract. Upon withdrawal of the carrier from the transport order 24 hours and less before the scheduled delivery date, a contractual penalty of 50% of the agreed transport is agreed. The legal relationship between the principal and the carrier is in the international strong. the carriage of goods is governed by the CMR Convention (No. 11/1975), and in matters not dealt with by this Convention, The Civil Code (Act No. 89 / 2012Sb.), Which also governs the legal relations between the principal and the carrier in the domestic charge. transport.
The carrier is required to have a valid liability insurance policy in accordance with its liability and the extent of the substitution obligation under the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012) – in the case of domestic road haulage. In international road freight transport, the carrier must have an insurance policy of its own responsibility, corresponding to the scope of the CMR Convention substitution obligation. Insurance protection must also apply to the missing or part of the consignment.
The carrier is obliged to provide a technically competent vehicle for loading, which is also suitable for the safe transport of the shipment.
The carrier is required to carefully select eligible drivers and demonstrate the driver’s knowledge of road transport working practices and carrier liability.
In an international road haulage operator, the driver is required to be present at loading and to check the apparent condition of the consignment and its packaging as well as the accuracy of the CMR data on the consignment number and its marking in accordance with Art. 8 of the CMR Convention. If the driver is not allowed to load, he / she must immediately inform his / her employer / dispatcher and make this entry in the CMR – bill of lading. The employer / dispatcher is obliged to inform the ordering party and request his / her instructions. The carrier (the driver) also works professionally in national road transport.
The Carrier is obliged to notify the sender in writing of a noticeable defect of packaging / package when picking up the consignment for shipment and the obvious misstatement of the information given in the CMR – the bill of lading, as well as the obvious circumstances of loading that could cause damage to the cargo being transported. If the driver is aware of such a defect in the packing or shipping of the consignment on the vehicle that there is a clear risk of damage to the consignment, the driver is required to ask the shipper for remedy and if the shipper fails to comply with the shipment, he must not commence the shipment. The carrier will also make a reservation on these facts in the CMR – the bill of lading.
7) When the vehicle is stationary during transport, the driver is required to choose a parking space and secure the vehicle with the cargo so that he fulfills the carrier’s obligations to avert a loss event, agreed in the insurance protection under the responsibility of the carrier.
8) Any disturbances during transport, consignment risk, delay of transport, damaging events or obstacles at termination of transport and delivery of the consignment, the driver is obliged to report immediately to his / her employer / dispatcher and he / she is obliged to inform the payer and request his / her instructions.
Without the consignor’s consent, nothing must be documented or the goods transferred to another vehicle.
Close transcript. The subcontractor is entitled to the agreement with the carrier only with the prior consent of the principal and assuming that he is an eligible carrier whose liability is insured.
In the event of breach of the above obligations, the carrier, Drivers – not including the vehicle for loading or failure to observe the loading date, shall be subject to a contractual penalty equal to the amount of the transportation under this contract of carriage, and this contractual penalty shall be without prejudice to the claimant’s possible claim for compensation.
In the case of exceeding the delivery time in national road transport, a contractual penalty is agreed at the rate of the transport. Any claim for damages is not thereby affected. The carrier is responsible for the event. the entry of the amount of special interest into the CMR – the bill of lading, if agreed with the shipper.
Protection of the customer’s interests and prohibition of the carrier’s competitive behavior to the detriment of the payer is negotiated under penalty by a contractual fine of 10 times the freight
Any additional costs, such as delay, standing 24 hours, are covered within the agreed freight, unless otherwise agreed by the principal with the carrier.
15 The driver is required to be present at the landing and, together with the consignee, to find out the status of the consignment and the numerical compliance with the CMR – bill of lading. Any inconsistencies must be notified to the ordering party and a malpractice protocol must be written in the presence of an impartial person or an emergency commissioner invited – if the extent of the damage to the consignment so requires.
The right to transport is due to the proper execution of the shipment and the delivery of the vehicle for unloading to the consignee. The payment deadline is 75 days after receipt of the carrier’s invoice along with the orig. truck. of the CMR sheet, endorsed by the consignee and related to it. Documents (delivery note, pallet ticket, etc.).